About us

SCORPENA is brand that creates affordable underwater sports products for people who are in love with the sea.

Brand SCORPENA belongs to the AQUATEX that was established in 1991 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia and is the oldest company which operates in underwater equipment market.

The unique experience in diving in cold water conditions allowed to select professional designers, engineers, and athletes who faced a difficult task - to create a line of spearfishing equipment that is distinguished by high quality, but at the same time has an affordable price.

The main idea of the brand was to bring the spearfishing to the Nordic and winter conditions. And today SCORPENA has the largest collection of spearfishing equipment that can be used from the Northern to the Tropical Seas.

Now SCORPENA headquarter is based in Riga, Latvia in the Noth of Europe. Our strategic location beside the Baltic Sea has played a vital role in the company’s historical success and continues to provide it with an important advantage in the market today. This specific location remained important because it offered immediate access to the cold sea, allowing every product to be tested in real-world conditions.

Our goal is to create the highest quality products, and our team with huge experience is ready to meet the highest international standards for safety, performance, and reliability.