About us



SCORPENA - a new trademark, offering a line of equipment for spearfishing. Even SCORPENA is a young brand, it has experienced "parents": a team of leading experts from Russia, France and Italy, who took part in the work on the SCORPENA collection. Professional designers, engineers and sportsmen faced a difficult task - to create a line of spearfishinig equipment that is distinguished by high quality, but at the same time has an affordable price.

For the producing SCORPENA collection, was chosen a fundamentally new approach. Instead of copying the equipment of world famous manufacturers, we released a lot of original products that have been developed to meet all the requirements of North spearfishers. 


Before entering the mass production, each element of the SCORPENA equipment passed through several stages of testing, the opinions of key persons in the field of Russian spearfishing were taken into account. At the exhibition "Golden Dolphin 2012 held a closed show of sample models of equipment. Then, after taking into account some wishes, the final products were given to fro final testing to the strongest sportsmen of Russia, and only after receiving their approval, SCORPENA products went into mass production.


The idea initiator and creator of the brand SCORPENA is "Aquatex" company - the oldest in the field of scuba diving on the territory of the former CIS countries. More than 20 years of experience, understanding the needs of Russian spearfishers and acquaintance with international experts, helped company to create a really high-quality and original collection.

The development of the SCORPENA wetsuits was personally handled by the French designer Jacques Milhares, one of the pioneers of modern scuba diving, who has been creating wetsuits for the world's famous brands for half a century.

The testing was carried out by such strong athletes as: the eight-time champion of Russia Vladimir Dokuchaev, the champion of Russia in 2011 and the coach of the national spearfishing team Andrey Turukhano and other members of the national teams of Ukraine and Turkey.


Satisfy all the needs of spearfishers by offering high quality and original equipment at an affordable price.