SCORPENA brand – new, but with experience

SCORPENA is a new brand created by AQUATEX – the oldest company in Russian diving and spearfishing equipment market .

The idea of release of the private label of underwater equipment has been formed for many years and has already found implementation in several private label projects – SOLENCE, X-TEAM, AQUATEX. From the start offer of the private labeled equipment was oriented on professional market, later AQUATEX issued products for recreational diving and other udnerwater activities, too.

In 2011, AQUATEX celebrated its 20th anniversary. Over these years we have been studied real needs of Russian spearfishers and divers and accumulated huge experience in working with global level manufacturers of underwater equipment. The strengths ofAQUATEX lie not only in its bussiness experience but also in constant, highly qualified and united team consisting of persons who were at the origin of the modern Russian underwater activities market.  By the way, the inspirer and generator of SCORPENA idea – Oleg Chebykin – has personally visited more than 60 (!) factories manufacturing spearfishing and diving equipment around the world.

A principally new approach has been choosen to creation of SCORPENA collection, different to those of other low-cost spearfishing brands. A simpler and more typical way of copying products of world known manufacturers has not been even considered. The main idea of SCORPENA brand from the beginning on was to offer original products, especially in collection’s key positions – wetsuits and guns. For the development of collection were involved world level specialists.

Before putting the SCORPENA equipment to mass production flow its collection was put to several stages of quality control including testing of the products by most experienced Russian and European spearfishers.

The task set for developers of SCORPENA collection wasn’t that easy – to create a range of original products in low-price segment, without looses in quality aspects.  The team succeeded with the task and now a completly new brand SCORPENA is welcome on the market.