Scorpena TEAM

SCORPENA brand is young but has experienced „parents”: the strong team of Russian, Italian, French, Turkish and Latvian specialists was involved in collections’ development. Professional designers, marketologs, engineers, manufacturers and sportsmen was set a task – to create a range of spearfishing equipment which meets both excellent quality and low price. Let us kindly introduce the main members of SCORPENA team.


Oleg Chebykin (Russia)

The creator of idea of SCORPENA brand. The owner of the oldest diving equipment company in the former CIS underwater activities market – AQUATEX company has been working more than 20 years. Has visited more than 60 (!) factories all over the world, manufacturing underwater equipment, and knows personally leading world specialists in underwater industry.

Position in Scorpena team: Human resource management, goals setting and its monitoring and conrol. At free time – creates new ideas (some times crazy ideas) and photography (as a hobby) for the history of anything, that is connected to Scorpena. .

Why he believes in SCORPENA: Why he believes in SCORPENA: «First of all I belive in myself and in my team. In 1991 was established first company Aquatex group, and exactly ten years after, was opened fist retail store «Batiskaf». That projects are well known by professionals in underwater equipment’s market, not only in Russia, but also in many others countries. In 2011 we were duty to create something completely new and extra ordinary. To be honest, our way in this market is pretty simple for many wholesale companies. Having taken a significant share in the wholesale market continue development and growth in "perpendicular" businesses. For wholesale, on the one hand, retail (already done), and on the other - own brand. Our knowledge, experience and reputation allow us to hope that the SCORPENA project will be successful as AQUATEX and BATISKAF projects.».


Timofey Khandyuk (Russia)

In St. Petersburg State Technical University received a master's degree in engineering faculty of Hydraulic Drives. Even while studying at the University came to AQUATEX, and stayed in it. For 16 years of work in the company has developed its sporting direction. Has passed all stages and positions - from the magazines and booklets designer to the Executive Director and Analyst.

Position in SCORPENATeam: Project Manager. Timofey is responsible for the collection formation, search and selection of suppliers, the drafting of technical tasks for production, the settlement of technical issues with manufacturers.

Why he believes in SCORPENA: ««I believe in the brand SCORPENA primarily because I believe in myself: in this project I was given a lot of freedom of action and broad powers. The team works as one organism - harmoniously and highly efficient. When more than a year ago the work on this project began, it seemed that everything would be quite simple and therefore can be done very quickly. But the correspondence with the manufactories has long exceeded, the technical assignments have been compiled with a total volume of more than 300 pages. But the work on the project is not yet complete!»


Roger Blanc (France)

Roger works in the field of «underwater» business for more than 40 years. He created collections for many famous brands, in particular, he worked for 25 years on the brand BEUCHAT. Roger is an advanced spearfisher and diver. Owner of a company that consults manufacturers of diving equipment.

Position in SCORPENA Team: Marketing Consultant. Consulting in the field of collections selection and formation, communication with factories, organization of production and searching for the solution of many technical issues.

Why he believes in SCORPENA: «Because in this collection is reached the ideal combination of price and quality, and not by cutting the expense on materials and technologies, but by conscious refusal of different marketing costs.»





Jacques Milhares (France)

Jacques Milares is one of the most experienced and famous designers of wetsuits in France. At the age of 13 he became interested in spearfishing, and at 23 he founded his own company «Top Star» for tailoring wetsuits. Jacques is the author of many progressive developments for his time, in particular, in the seventies he personally invented an original machine for «duplicating» neoprene sheets with cloth. All 40 years of its existence the «Top Star» company developed and produced suits for divers and spearfishers, and all patterns for new models were developed personally by Jacqui. At the age of 62 he sold the company to new owners and officially retired. However, his experience and knowledge continue to be used by many world brands, charging him to develop new models of suits, both «wet» and «dry» types.

Position in Scorpena team:Designer of wetsuits and other neoprene products.

Why he believes in SCORPENA: : «When I met Oleg and his team for the first time, after a short dialogue with them, I realized that the new brand is waiting for unconditional success. Immediately it was clear that they live their own business. And I know by myself that this is the secret of success for new project».



Maurizio Dudine (Italy)

Maurizio works in the field of neoprene raw materials for all water and underwater sports for more than 25 years. In 1988, he founded his own company «D & D» in consulting on neoprene raw materials. He cooperates with the world famous company Sheico. «D & D» customers are many European, as well as American, companies that represent the line of equipment for diving, spearfishing and other water sports.

Position in Scorpena team: Consultant for neoprene products. Help to choose the optimal production and technological solutions.

Why he believes in SCORPENA: «: «In the SCORPENA brand are working incredible people - true professionals in their field. I mean the team from the company AQUATEX - pays attention, even at the smallest details, they are treated with extreme responsibility to the whole process of production. With this kind of approach, SCORPENA's quality equipment can easy become a successful project!»



Vladimir Dokuchaev (Russia)

Vladimir Dokoutchaev - eight-times champion of Russia, Master of Sports of the USSR in spearfishing, for many years was a member of the USSR and Russia national spearfishing team. Many times he participated in World and European championships and in the others international competitions. He is the head of the sports - technical club «Batiskaf», in which he also lead courses and seminars about spearfishing. He traveled and had visited a lot interesting water areas around the world, and gained considerable experience in spearfishing in fresh and sea water. One of the most authoritative person in the field of spearfishing in Russia.

Position in Scorpena team: An expert on spearfishing. Together with members of the club STK Batiskaf - testing of products, gives recommendations for its improvement; He was directly involved in the selection of samples for the SCORPENA collection.

Why he believes in SCORPENA: : «I believe in the SCORPENA success, because its equipment avoided unnecessary complications, it was endowed with «simplicity» - quality, which is very important for prolonged and intensive use.»